• Reusable Produce Bags- 12 Units
  • Reusable Produce Bags- 12 Units
  • Reusable Produce Bags- 12 Units
  • Reusable Produce Bags- 12 Units
  • Reusable Produce Bags- 12 Units
  • Reusable Produce Bags- 12 Units

Reusable Produce Bags- 12 Units

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People's reliance on disposable plastic bags and packagings is drowning our planet in plastic pollution.

Certain studies show that by the year 2050, the oceans will have more plastic than fish by weight. Plastic shopping bags are seldom reused or recycled because of their thin nature. They go straight into garbage bins and this type of plastic may take several lifetimes to biodegrade. Making the switch to reusable non-plastic produce bags will make a lot of difference.

These Reusable Produce Bags are breathable and washable. They keep you from using disposable plastic bags that can harm the environment. They don't sweat inside, ensuring the freshness of produce for a longer time. They come in a mesh design with drawstring and pop lock for convenient opening and closing. They are multifunctional, you can store anything in them and they will hold for a long time.


The mesh design allows for airflow instead of sweating inside like regular store plastic bags. This prevents condensation in the fridge and keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh longer guaranteed! Drawstring and pop lock allow effortless yet secure opening and closing. Easily portable to bring along on your next shopping trip. You may wash the produce directly in these bags and then place them straight into the fridge or freezer.

  • Made of strong, lightweight, easy-to-see-through mesh polyester. A sustainable alternative to single-use plastic.
  • Washable and reusable for grocery and storage.
  • BPA free, and food-safe material. May be stored in the fridge or freezer.
  • Storage for travel items and almost any household item. Perfect for toys, fruit, coins, medicine, cables, cosmetics, accessories and much more. Use them to keep things together during grocery shopping, camping, fishing, garden harvest, beach, and travels. 

    Sizes Included:
  • 3 Small (20 cm x 31 cm)
  • 6 Medium (33 cm x 31 cm)
  • 3 Large (41 cm x 31 cm
  • Material: 100% Polyester Mesh

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Justine Charpentier

They're doing great. Various sizes. I'll give them a wash before i use them

Baptiste Guerin

Excellent bags, sewn neatly. Come quickly.

Jules Garnier

100% recommended. Shipping took long and the material looks good

Carla Robert

I loved it, as in the photo i intend to recommend to my friends and also very well in time thank you very much to the seller

Arthur Gautier

Milota) now i will teach my pets to eco-bags) all the bags are well stitched, except that in one top there were threads (like, how the machine started finishing the line) The seller-umnichka, very quickly sent the order

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