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Nick The Fixer is a division of Exports Canada, Inc., a family business that - from a 1994 humble beginnings up to serving 20% of its Canadian niche - grew "the old-fashioned way": one happy Customer at a time!

Nick The Fixer is the modern version of that "good old style of doing business". It's a way to serve our Customers even better through a nicely structured eCommerce presence, offering a short list of high-quality and fairly-priced home improvement and gardening products, within an equally short list of carefully selected categories DIY.

Following through on that, we set our online store with the idea of nurturing 'one great product at a time'. But here's the unusual part: they're products hand-picked by you!

Yes, by you! Here's how it works:

  1. We put our experience to work in sorting a high-demand product in Home Improvement and gardening, assuring its quality standards, and negotiating supply directly with the manufacturer or wholesaler, worldwide;
  2. Then, instead of immediately buy it in bulk and send huge inventory to our warehouses (an overhead we'd need to pass on to price), we create an irresistible offer in exchange for your honest opinion. Called 'Special Offer', it runs from 80% to 100% discount + shipping;
  3. Your opinion will help us decide if the product is worth being pursued and permanently included in our catalog, or not. Only high-standard, fairly-priced, highly-accepted products are!

Simple as that!

Why do we do this? 

  • The end result - as mentioned above - is serving our Customers through an online store that sells a few selected items, all of them high-standard, fairly-priced and highly-accepted.
  • But for us, the most important part is your engagement. And here's why. We're called 'Nick The Fixer' for a reason. If one day you'll refer to one of our items as "It's an Elba product, after all!" proudly implying high standards, we accomplished our goal. With your help... for which we thank you in advance, of course!

Welcome to Nick The Fixer

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